60th Anniversary Video

“I wish I was in Carrickfergus” – 60th Anniversary Video, featuring a new recording of “Carrickfergus” by Jane McNamee (Bill Allen 2009)

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Together with the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency, they have indeed topped the trading job. The steady change from early acceptance to a means of global approval of cryptocurrency is due to the desired features it has to offer to the trading people. This includes the functions like an explicit store of value, an accounting unit and a well-versed medium of exchange. Moreover, there are more protocols based on this one that increases the attractivity to consumers for sure. These include


  • Always better than cash or credit: It is obvious that the cryptocurrency is worth than other existing value forms like cash or credit. There are some exclusive properties that set apart the cryptocurrency from nomination units. For example, the cash form of value transfer is always anonymous but it suffers in terms of convenience whereas the credit form is convenient but have so many processes attached to it.


So, to succeed, this cryptocurrency has to exhibit something that overcomes the problem of cash or credit creates for users. In fact, it offers both the anonymity and convenient mode of value transaction.


  • An exchangeable means for goods or services: Consumers wish to use money value as both the means of buying goods and services and also a way to conduct transactions with other individuals.


Purchasing goods needs to think really how the merchants would accept their payment concept, that is either with regard to a monetary incentive to switch which includes the considerations like preferences between low fee transaction or quick settlement or a market plea to switch that includes factors like the real confidence of consumers in crypto payments and thus an alternative to fiat or other related payment methods.


Always the virtual currency has little or no transaction cost when compared to card processing and stays more stable and reliable to lure people. For example, the underlying decentralized technology of blockchain has to power and efficiency to record the number of matches paid by e-players and also keeps the wins and loss account. Hence, there is no factor for fear of losing concern or a depending factor arises with the third-party concern. All the information about the match is automatically updated with the conduct of tournaments in the blockchain.


  • Convertibility and stability are other needs for consideration. Easy exchange of good or services with these currencies are something everyone is looking forward. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin comes to need with this feature and they support trading for fiat currency too.

With respect to stability character, people wish to use this as an easy currency and as an alternate means to fiat money rather than keeping as an asset.


With regard to all these features, the Quantum Code definitely makes efficient use of cryptocurrency.

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