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Normal Opening hours

Monday to Friday   6.30am – 10pm

Saturday                   8am – 5pm

Sunday                     9am – 5pm

Bank Holidays        Open as usual

Closed                 Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 12 & 13 July, Easter Monday and Tuesday and New Year’s Day

(Opening times reflect the first session and closure of the building)

Activities on offer at Amphitheatre include:

H2O Zone                 Swimming / Water based activities

Therma Spa             Spa / Steam / Sauna

Gymnasium             Fitness Suite

Amplio Studio         Spinning suite / stability balls / pilates / yoga / tai bo / aerobics / meetings / dance / conferences etc.

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A beta value of 1 indicates that the price of the security moves with the price of the market. When the beta value is less than 1, then this means that the securities price is less volatile than the market. When the beta value is more than 1, then this means that the price of the security is more volatile than the market.

So for example if there is a stock which has a beta of say 1.2 then this means that the stock is 20% more volatile as compared to the market. Also for example if the beta of a security is 0.65 then this means that it is 35% less volatile as compared to the market.

When it says that the stock or security is 35% less volatile, then this means that this stock will underperform 35% in the case of a bullish market and outperform 35% more in the case of a market that is in a downtrend.

A beta that has a rate greater than 1 are high risk but they also give more return. In most cases the utility stocks will have a beta less than 1 and the high tech stocks will have a beta that is more than 1.

The investor should assess the risk in the security that they buy or sell. This is definitely a very difficult topic to touch upon in the IQ Option scam.

Concordia Suite     Community Events / meetings / play groups / martial arts / yoga / tai bo / pilates etc

Arena                         Main hall – indoor soccer, badminton, etc.

Ludo Time                Children’s play area

Kinesis Suite           Tone, strengthen and balance

Pi Café                       Café