All 17 seats in Carrickfergus Borough Council were filled at the election count on 9 May 2011. The political make-up of the Council remains unchanged, Also what has happened in the past does not reflect the future movement in price. Thus beta shows very less picture of what may be ahead. Another reason is that […]

Bashfordsland Wood

Bashfordsland Wood is a park in Carrickfergus Borough created three years ago with grants received from landfill tax credits. Bashfordsland Wood is managed by Carrickfergus Borough Council Parks & Countryside Service. Location Map. Want to take a direct role in improving Bashfordsland Wood? The Friends of Bashfordsland Wood & Oakfield Glen is a voluntary group of […]

Carrickfergus Castle

A stricking feature of the landscape from land, sea and air, Carrickfergus Castle greets all visitors with its strength and menace. It represents over 800 years of military might. Besieged in turn by the Scots, Irish, English and French, the Castle saw action right up to World War II.  Today it is maintained by the Northern Ireland […]

Council Elections 2011

Important information for candidates standing in the Council Elections on 5th May 2011. Elections are great because they allow public to express their views in the form of votes. The power of public opinion is one of the strongest influence in the market. Take trading for example- it is based on one simple concept- tallying […]

Whitehead Village Masterplan

A masterplan is currently being prepared for Whitehead. This will identify a range of potential projects for improvement of the village. Draft plans will be on public display for comment and the consultant team will be faciliating an open evening to discuss the proposals. What kind of place would you like Whitehead to be in […]

Where To Stay

Carrickfergus boasts excellent accommodation to suit all pockets, from luxurious hotels to country houses, town houses to cosy farm houses and is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their holiday – short breaks or days away. All tastes are catered for and you will always be made to feel very […]


Welcome to Amphitheatre.   Normal Opening hours Monday to Friday   6.30am – 10pm Saturday                   8am – 5pm Sunday                     9am – 5pm Bank Holidays        Open as usual Closed                 Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 12 & 13 July, Easter Monday and Tuesday and New Year’s Day (Opening times reflect the first session and closure of the building) Activities on […]

60th Anniversary Video

“I wish I was in Carrickfergus” – 60th Anniversary Video, featuring a new recording of “Carrickfergus” by Jane McNamee (Bill Allen 2009) For further information please contact: Together with the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency, they have indeed topped the trading job. The steady change from early acceptance to a means of global approval of cryptocurrency […]