Bitcoin Society Application is the new robot in the investment industry. This popular app was created and designed by Billy Menza. This software allows both manual and auto trading in the crypto currency market.  The unique feature of the software is the very high accuracy rate in trading. This software has very impressive features of use and high returns.

Billy Menza is a renowned stock broker. With a vision to generate income through some unique app he quit his job. He is actually not the creator of this app. The credit goes to his friend who was very well versed with crypto currencies introduced him to this. Bitcoin Society App ever since its inception has remained a invite only app. As both the friends feel more the number of people trading with this app, higher will be the accuracy of the trading app.

Trading with Bitcoin Society App:

Bitcoin Society App is a very secure app trading with crypto currencies. It basically runs on computer algorithm that uses data from all sources and generates huge return expectations. These return expectations are presented to the trader as signals. The trader can respond to these signals and can place manual trades or can let the automated software to place trades on its own. The Bitcoin Society App gives a prediction of about 82% accuracy with this app.

Bitcoin Society App-Is it legit or scam?

There are plenty of testimonials and reviews all over the internet claiming that this application is scam.  The testimonials found in the website are by featuring the photos of models. There is no data or evidence of any form that the software is trusted and trading properly. The brokers integrated into trading with this application have bad reputation in the trading industry. It is sure that as the trader signs in the wrong broker will be assigned to the trader.

Just like any other cryptocurrency trading app this software too demands an initial investment of $250. But the further details about this investment are not available. There are many voices being raised about the genuineness of the software. Hence it is not recommended app for trading.

Bitcoin Society Application is not a genuine crypto currency trading robot. It is an unreliable platform to invest your precious money. This app is a potential scam. It is wise to select the better trading options than this one.