In the Footsteps of History- Town Wall Tours and…

Carrickfergus Council in association with Kragfergus Living History Group and Living History Ireland Presents “IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF HISTORY” town wall tours and entertainment on Sunday 21st August from 12noon to 5.00pm

Take a walk with a tour guide around the ancient walls of Carrickfergus, hear how and why they were built and learn what life was like for the people who lived within the walls during the centuries. You will meet characters from the past such as The Knights of Carrick, Arthur Chichester and the Williamite soldiers who stormed the walls of Carrick, see their camps and ask them questions at the Knot Garden at Joymount . Enjoy the fun and the atmosphere of times gone by and learn about our ancient and exciting history.

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So appreciate history and be part of history tours like Town Wall Tours and others. These tours are very informative and you are sure to make one memorable trip. If you are planning to arrange these tours anytime soon read to find more information about them.

Tours start from the castle ramp at 12.30 and again at 2.30pm. The camps are situated at the JACOBEAN KNOT GARDEN at Joymount and are available for viewing from 12-5pm. Both are FREE for your enjoyment. No booking is required.