Mayor – Alderman Ms Patricia McKinney
Deputy Mayor – Councillor Mark Cosgrove


Mayor - Alderman Patricia McKinneyIt is with a great sense of honour that I have taken on the role of Mayor for the current year. Having served as Deputy Mayor, I am fully aware of the heavy responsibility that rests on the First Citizen of this historic Borough so I am grateful that Council have entrusted me with this prestigious role in our community. It is a particular pleasure, too, to have my daughter Victoria take on the role of Mayoress, especially since she is the youngest person to serve in this capacity in Carrickfergus.

My first few weeks as Mayor have been busy in the extreme but I must say that the sense of satisfaction that follows each task or event is unique to this most special of jobs. I will commit my best endeavours to promote the good name of Carrickfergus and make our heritage, strong sense of identity and progressive thinking known far and wide. Council’s Business Plan, which isaccessible on this website,

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gives a flavour for the long list of activities that keep Members and Officers busy each day and it will be my responsibility and pleasure to see these progressed over the coming months. One major development will be the re-opening of our re-furbished Leisure Centre in Spring 2009 – this will be a real boost to our community infrastructure and will undoubtedly prove to be a major attraction for all age groups in the Borough.

During my term of office, I expect to see considerable progress on other fronts as well, not least through our new relationships with communities in Poland and the United States of America. These partnerships will make important contributions to Council’s plans for development on the economic development front and in other areas where initiatives are planned for the benefit of residents, local businesses and visitors alike.

I look forward to engaging with a wide range of community groups, businesses and individuals over the coming months as I seek to lead our Borough into the period of change which should see so-called Super Councils elected in 2011. The Review of Public Administration (RPA) will mean Carrickfergus Borough Council merging with Larne and Ballymena Borough Councils but, meantime, I and my Council colleagues will strive to protect the best interests of Carrickfergus for the years ahead.

Alderman Patricia McKinney

Mayor of Carrickfergus