The PEACE III Programme will be delivered through a cluster approach across Carrickfergus Borough Council, Antrim Borough Council and Newtownabbey Borough Council. The CAN PEACE III Partnership will manage the programme through Newtownabbey Borough Council. Under Priority 1.1 Building Positive Relations at a Local Level,  the CAN PEACE III Partnership are inviting applications under its […]

Medieval Times

During the 6th century, Fergus, the son of Eric of Armoy, left Ulster to form a kingdom in Scotland, but because he suffered from leprosy, he returned to bathe in a well known to have healing properties.  On one of these visits he was shipwrecked on the rock on which the castle now stands, which […]

1500’s and beyond

The strategic importance of the garrison town was emphasised in 1575 when Sir Brian McPhelim O’Neill of Clandeboye burned down much of Carrickfergus. Two years later the fabled Sorley Boy MacDonnell attacked the town. Sir Arthur Chichester assumed governorship of the Castle in 1599. He settled the countryside and successfully planted the town with English […]

Andrew Jackson Cottage

The Ulster American and Ulster Scots connections The Andrew Jackson Cottage highlights Carrickfergus’ strong American and Ulster-Scots connections as well as telling the story of Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the USA, whose parents emigrated to America from Carrickfergus in 1765.  Located less than a mile from the town centre off the Larne Road, this single […]


Mayor – Alderman Ms Patricia McKinney Deputy Mayor – Councillor Mark Cosgrove   It is with a great sense of honour that I have taken on the role of Mayor for the current year. Having served as Deputy Mayor, I am fully aware of the heavy responsibility that rests on the First Citizen of this […]


“I must go down to the seas again…” For those drawn to “..the lonely sea and the sky..”, Carrickfergus has long been a haven for seafaring pursuits. Now, this nautical nirvana has been further enhanced with the spectacular and modern Carrickfergus Marina, a home from home for all sailors, and holder of the prestigious 5 […]


Carrickfergus is the most archaeologically explored town in Northern Ireland. The finds on display at Carrickfergus Museum provide a remarkable glimpse into life in the town from the Medieval period to more recent times. The displays reflect the experiences of ordinary people and illustrate the dramatic and tumultuous events in the town’s history. These collections […]


03 July Laptop Prize for Best in Class A state of the art laptop is up for grabs in the creative writing competition which was launched today as part of the ‘Siege of Carrickfergus’ heritage project. Creativity is what sets apart us from animals. We, humans, are much intelligent in all ways, and the latest […]

Dog Pound

Welcome to Carrickfergus Borough Council’s section for dog owners.  Here you will find information about the dog pound, caring for your dog and responsible dog ownership. The Dog Pound Carrickfergus Borough Council employs one Dog Warden who operates Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.  Anyone wishing to adopt a dog from the Dog Pound should […]

Waste Collection

Alternate Week Collections The main objective for the introduction of the alternate week collection was to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and to encourage residents to recycle more materials. The Government have set targets for the reduction of landfill waste, if these targets are not met a fine is imposed on the […]


Kerbside Collection The kerbside collection is operated on behalf of the Council by Bryson Recycling. Each household is supplied with a black kerbie box and a red kerbie box. There is no limit to the number of boxes that can be left out for collection. Methodical approaches like this really work. The results are predictable […]